Virginie L’Herbette

October 6, 2023
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Singing teacher: current songs, French and world songs, blues, gospel and pop-rock,

Originally from France, Virginie L’Herbette studied in Belgium. Passionate about the arts in all its forms, she teaches singing, songwriting and visual arts.



Classical singing with Paule Daloze – Transition sector certificate.

Musical and song writing course – Claude Semal and Daria De Martynof, Ateliers de la Chanson.

Master in Visual Arts – Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels.

Certificate of teaching aptitude for secondary education and artistic education.

Accompaniment guitar lessons: Gérard Jaffrès and Thomas Richard.

Pop-rock singing lessons, French songs and world songs at the Parallaxes Institute.

Voice and Song Workshops: individual, group lessons and courses with Marcelle De Cooman.



Vocals and choirs: Paul Severs, Gérard Jaffrès, Mister Chicks, Machaka Choir and personal projects.

Professor of pop song at Jeunesses Musicales de Bruxelles, ULB, Parallaxes Institute.

Coordination of creative workshops and world song facilitator at ULB children’s activities.

Transgenerational activities Songs and Tales in libraries.

French song and visual arts workshops in schools, libraries and nursing homes.


Language: French

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