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Exams and Diplomas


1. General Information

Each year the school organizes  3 exams in December, in February / March (depending on Carnival holidays) and in June.

Exams in December and June are for all courses and levels.

Exams in February / March are for everyone except for singers and for all instruments level beginners and 4-5 superior.

No exams at all for all instruments level adults.

Inscription for the participation directly by the teacher.

Order of passage by instrument, by level and in alphabetical order

The exams are closed to the public, in the presence of the jury only.

2. Program

  • 1 compulsory piece plus 1-2 free choices (from the pre-defined list)
  • All the pieces you need to play by heart

3. Criteria of passing the exam

  • To pass the exam, one should obtain a minimum score of 10/20.
  • To pass to the next level it would be necessary to pass minimum two exams obtaining minimum 10/20 for each exam.

4. Additional Info

In case of absence from the examinations due to illness or other valid reasons (professional travel of parents, family difficulties, etc.), please always send a supporting document to the secretariat. In this case, it is possible to take the exam on written request with another group, on another day scheduled by the school timetable.

Without valid reason for being absent on the day of the exam, students may not be admitted to the exam, obtain their diploma or certificate or participate in the concert.

Exams of solfeggio
(music theory)

Each year the school organizes 2 exams, one in December and one in June. The exams are organized at the same day as exams for instruments.

Compulsory program for Exams

Compulsory programs for Exams:

Diplomas and Certificates

Diplomas and Certificates

To obtain a diplomacertificate or attestation of attendance at the end of the year, the student must fulfill certain requirements.

To obtain a Diploma the student must participate:

 – For beginners of all instrument or singers all levels: in 2 exams and 2 concerts during the school year

– For other students: in 3 exams and 2 concerts during the school year

To obtain a Certificate the student must participate in 3 exams and 1 concert OR in 2 exams and 2 concerts.

To obtain an Attestation of attendance: if the student participates in fewer number of exams and concerts planned to obtain the certificate, or if the student has not practiced at all in the exams and concerts, the parents can receive a certificate of attendance of the courses.