Commemoration of the war in Ukraine at the Saint-Michel-and-Gudula church

February 24, 2023

On February 24th, 2023, in the Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudula in Brussels, a prayerful commemoration of the memory of the victims of the war in Ukraine took place. CAMERATA BRIMA gave a concert during the ceremony. The goal was to promote peace, think about the victims and support the Ukrainian in needs.

Many events took place that day to commemorate the Russian aggression against Ukraine… CAMERATA BRIMA presented their charity concert at Cathedral of Sts Michel and Gudule, Brussels.
This concert was organized by Brussels International Music Academy with the support of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Brussels and Cathedral of Sts Michel and Gudule. Almost no free place during the concert, a lot of emotions…Thanks to this event, we collected 1333 euro. All profits were donated to the Orphanage in Ukraine.
During this year, a year of war, thanks to our hard work, Camerata Brima earned a large amount of money to support the armed forces, hospitals and children’s Orphanages.
And what is also very important – the performance of our team helps all our listeners to keep positive spirit. Thanks to your performance, we collected money and took a new step to victory!

Alexandra Novoseltsev
Sanae Plumanns
Diego Aragón González
Helena Nguyen, Sarah Mezoudi

Adrien Fonteneu

Basil Costeleyn

Alexandre Nguyen

Sofiia Dubij

Olga Artemenko, soprano
Harry Hukasian, bariton

Thanks to Xavier Deprez : Organist, co-main composer of cathedral Saint Michel and Gudula.
Thanks to the male volunteers who, in an incredibly short time, helped us set up the stage for the musicians to perform.
Thanks to my volunteers Alexei Novoseltsev, Vasyl Trushkovskyy for video/photo support and Yoko Aoki for your help!

If you still interested to help to the Orphanage in Ukraine. you are welcome (choose Amount you’d like to donate to support Ukraineans in need):…/BRIMADonationWithCreditCard

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